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 Project World Smash Team Revival Tourney 3DS Singles

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PostSubject: Project World Smash Team Revival Tourney 3DS Singles   Wed Mar 02, 2016 10:54 pm

Project World Smash Team Revival Tourney 3DS Singles

April 2, 2016

2 stock 6 minutes
No items and no customs.
Mii's will be allowed as GimR explained in this video. However, switching custom movesets will act as a character switch/counterpick.
If your opponent is not there by 10 minutes, they are DQ'ed.
People in Grand Finals save the replays and send them to me. They might be uploaded to YouTube. Friend Code: 0963-1608-7463
Final Destination
Yoshi's Island
Dream Land (64)
Arena Ferox
Duck Hunt
Prism Tower
Winner cannot counterpick a stage that they previously won on.
Winner gets 2 stage strikes.
In the case of a time out, the winner is chosen by whoever had the most stocks, followed by whoever had the lowest percent. If completely tied, the match will be settled with a 1 stock match with a 3 minute timer.
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Project World Smash Team Revival Tourney 3DS Singles
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